WKE6001 – WAKi Slow Juicer

The nutritional preservation rate of traditional juicer very low. In order to retain more nutrients and freshness in fruits and vegetables, WAKi has launched slow juicer, in order to assist health-conscious people can get the real fruit juice, which is pure fruit juice.


WAKi Slow Juicer is suitable for a wide variety of fruits and vegetables because it uses powerful motor, with low speed technology, and also makes the amount of juice extracted more than the amount of juice extracted by traditional juicer. The design of slow juicer is unique, allowing you to use it easily. When you have slow juicer, you also can squeeze according to your own preference of pure fruit juice at anytime
Why fruit juice is very important to human’s body?
WAKi Slow Juicer Malaysia WAKi Slow Juicer Indonesia
  • Prevent disease
  • Beauty and prevent aging
WAKi Slow Juicer Philippines
  • Nutrition supplements
What are the benefits of using WAKi Slow Juicer?
WAKi Slow Juicer Thailand WAKi Slow Juicer China
  • High nutritional preservation rate, retain more nutrients and flavor
  • Save cost
WAKi Slow Juicer Singapore WAKi Slow Juicer Brunei
  • Convenient to drink
  • Unleash creativity
The features of WAKi Slow Juicer
WAKi Slow Juicer Singapore WAKi Slow Juicer Japan
  • Easy to rinse and clean.
  • Spinning at low speed of 80RPM, will not generates heat and oxygen because of frictional.
WAKi Slow Juicer England
  • Can select the output of pulp.
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