WKM1328 – WAKi Super Massage Master II

The WAKi Super Massage Master II is the second generation of the WAKi Super Massage Master series, that combined the technology of Innovative Intelligent Machinery and Creative Spaceship Design. The idea of the design was inspired by the spaceship and robotic engineering. It is one of the most comfortable and most powerful massager chair for the VIP group who are living in bustling city, with 36 special features in the massager chair.

The WAKi Super Massage Master II has improved with new features and ready to serve the VIP group with total number of 30 special features in the system. It is the first massager chair comes with “3D Massage System”. Perhaps, it gives you a wonderful massage feeling which similar to “12 hands in 1” massage experience. Therefore, we also called it, “12 hands 3D Massager Chair”.


WAKi Super Massage Master II understands everyone has different needs and wants when it comes to getting a really great massage, especially to the VIP group. To the VIP group, such as CEOs, Presidents, High Rank Officers, Bosses, and Noble women, the WAKi Super Massage Master II is committed to serve you daily with the most humanized (12 hands massage together) and pleasurable head-to-toe (3D massage) pampering luxurious experience. Start exploring it now for more relaxing experience. Creating for the VIP and suitable for the VIP, because WAKi, not a promise, but sure!

36 features of WAKI Super Massage Master II
  • 12 HANDS massage experience
  • “Zero Gravity” Massage mode
  • SAVE SPACE with automatic resume mode
  • Color LCD remote controller
  • 3D DEEP SHIATSU mode
  • 3D massage Force adjustment
  • 3D massage part selection
  • Sports refresh Program
  • Extension Program
  • Rest & Sleep Program
  • Working relief Program
  • Neck & shoulder Program
  • Waist & Spine Program
  • KNEADING massage
  • TAPPING massage
  • KNOCKING massage
  • SHIATSU massage
  • KNOCKING massage
  • SYNC massage
  • RHYTHM massage (Bluetooth Music from Smartphones)
  • MANUAL mode part selection
  • MANUAL mode width selection
  • MANUAL mode speed selection
  • MANUAL mode rollers speed selection
  • SHOULDER POSITION adjustment
  • FEET Adjustment
  • BACK adjustment
  • LEG adjustment
  • BODY SENSOR function
  • HEAT function
  • BLUETOOTH function (associated with smartphones)
  • TIME setting (10, 20, 30 minutes)
  • MENU mode on Color LCD remote controller
  • AIRBAG mode part selection
  • AIRBAG force adjustment
The benefits of using WAKi Super Massage Master II
Waki Super Massage Master Singapore Waki Super Massage Master Indonesia
  • Improve cell metabolism
  • Improve sleeping quality
Waki Super Massage Master Philippine Waki Super Massage Master Thailand
  • Promote blood circulation
  • Relieve back pain
Waki Super Massage Master Thailand Waki Super Massage Master Vietnam
  • Release stress
  • Improve work productivity
Waki Super Massage Master Myanmar Waki Super Massage Master Singapore
  • Couple becomes more harmonious
  • Improve immune system
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